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My name is Renata and I am from Belgium. My passion is making jewelry. 

A lot of my pieces take 3 or sometimes more days to make. But I just love making special jewelry. I always try to be original and make things that are one of a kind. 

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maandag 18 september 2017

Gift Guide By Seadbeady 1

Hey you all lovely readers.......How are you today.......Hope you are in the mood for some gift watching. Haha forget about those birds you have always been watching and start watching my gift guide 😏

Gifts are great for every time of the year - birhtdays, christmas, wedding, anniversary,....

I actually got invited for a team on Etsy and it requires that I help them in promoting. And off course they promote me in return. Great deal don't you agree? 😁

So I decided to make a smashing gift guide in stead of a fashion set for today

Sugar Plum Christmas Wreath for 56 €

Handmade crochet baroque scarf stole turban for 165 €

Fun and Festive embroidered apron 100% coton for 24 €

Anniversary gifts for women friends mug ceramic for 26 €

Natural Skin Care for 14 €

Flat Segment Agate Pendant Focal Bead Polished rim for 5.54 €

Ombre pink paper earrings Quilled dangle earrings for 17 €

Colorful Beaded Bracelet for 40 €

Now tell me would you rather have been bird watching ?? I wouldn't and anyway all the little birdies are sleeping at the moment cause it's 23.00 in Belgium.

Hope you liked my post for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

zondag 17 september 2017

Introducing to you - Bungalow42 on Etsy

Hey you lovely readers.....Today I wanted to introduce you all to Connie from Bungalow42 on Etsy.

Her shop features very special jewelry pieces. She calls them "seriously whimsical adornments" and I can't find of a better way to describe these very special pieces of work. Like most Etsy sellers she started making them for family and friends. They have been her inspiration, guinea pigs and fan club and encouraged her to open an Etsy shop. 😊

Her "seriously whimsical adornments" pair silver findings, gemstones, seashells, pearls, vintage and handcrafted beads from around the world with delicate but sturdy plastic chain, silk thread or cord and waxed linen thread.  Weight and humor is a major focus in her work. She strives to create lightweight pieces that won't weigh you down but will hopefully make you smile.

This is her advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy.....Do the homework/research. Read the Etsy Success emails and other related documents. Join an Etsy Team.....They are the perfect opportunity to meet other similarly inclined folks to exchange ideas with.

So let me show you some of her lovely handmade pieces.

Jewel Tone Ridged Transparent Lampwork Bells

Kiwi Green Chartreuse and Orange Spiral Lampwork Pendant

Colorful Lightweight Aqua Tropical Bracelet with Coral Red Peruvian Fish 

Wasabi, Dark Teal and Avocado Retro Mod Flower Dangle Earrings

Black Anklet with Colorful Pearls and Open Artisan Spiral

Dark Blue Pearl Bracelet with Golden Lampwork

Red Half Circles with Pearl Earrings

Bright Green Curly Leaf Bracelet

Indigo and Green Hexagon Necklace

Pale Yellow Anklet with Pearls and Tangerine Drops

Real lovely handwork.....don't you agree??  The flower dangle earrings are my favourite and which one is yours ??

Hope you liked my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day 😸

Renata (Seadbeady)

Fashion Set By Seadbeady 10

I can hardly believe that I am already at number 10 - but that is something I am still capable off - counting to 10 😁

Now tell me what is your favourite color combination? Mine is definately red and black. It's a real classic combination and this powerful mix makes you stand out for sure. I often use the combination in my jewelry pieces - like this very special necklace.

So today I made you an Autumn fashion set in red and black, to give you some inspiration for the next season.

Scala 48747 Cocktail Dress Mini Halter Sleeveless for 180 €

Long Sleeve Faux Fur Lapel Thick Wool Coat for 64.99 €

Fire Red Riveted High Heel Suede Ankle Boots for 74 €

Red Women's Classic Monochrome All in One Wallet for 85 €

Girl Boss - iPhone 7 Case And Cover for 33 €

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, 0.1 oz for 18 €

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz. for 77 €

And what do you think? Would it fit you? Would you look gorgeous in it? Must be cause every woman is beautiful in her own way 😘

Hope you liked my fashion set for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

zaterdag 16 september 2017

Introducing to you - SkullcatDesignShop

Hello My Lovely Readers..... Today I would like to introduce you to SkullcatDesignShop

It's a shop from a passionate 25 year old designer and she makes the most cute accessories. She combines different styles like Gothic, Decora, Visual Kei, Fairy Kei, Rockabilly and Pop Art to create a unique look. She recently opened a new Etsy shop, hoping to get more exposure and maybe someday - rather sooner than later off course - be able to make her hobby into a profession.

Her designs are mainly cute but at the same time somewhat gruesome and that is where her shopname originated from. I really like her designs so I wanted to show them to you today.

Brooch pin - Kittykat Burger

Big Hair Bow - Minty pink strawberry

Keychain - Fat Unicorn

Brooch Pin / COOKIE

Mini hair bows - 4 pieces - different bows to choose from

Well....go on tell me I was right 😀 They are cute aren't they?

You can even get a 10 % discount when you use the Coupon Code SEADBEADY10

If you would like to contact her - she also has a facebook page 

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a great weekend 😉

Renata (Seadbeady)

donderdag 14 september 2017

Seadbeady's Finds on Etsy - Holiday Season

How how how.....I know lol.....Too soon for the holiday season.

But almost every Etsy shop is already preparing for the holiday season. And if they are not it's high time they get cracking. Cause it is said that most shops should take advantage of the slower summer months to start preparing for the holidays. And looking outside, I can say without a doubt that summer has ended. 😉

Generally the holiday season is considered to run from late November up to early Januari. It is the peak season for almost any kind of shop.

Although I am definately not a fan of the weather that comes with this season it does have some charm. There is a kind of magic in the air.....Gorgeous window displays....Glistening lights in the streets.....Family reunions.....glamorous gifts with ribbons.

Go on admit it I know you are looking forward to those things too.😊

So here are some lovely Holiday Season items I found on Etsy for you today.

Holiday Totes Holly Teddy Polar Bear Snow Man or Winter Moose 

Newly Weds Christmas Tree Hanging Decoration - Engraved Decoration 

Tags "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" - Handmade Gift Tags

Holiday Keepsake Box - Holiday Memories - Personalised Keepsake Box

Children's Colouring Book and Pencil Wallet, Travel Art Case

Christmas Mug, Mug, Funny Mug, Gin gift, Holiday Gift, Vodka, Gin Mug

Socks lace boot cuff Red bow Lace leg warmers boot toppers

Fondant edible cupcake toppers Circus Carnival Clown Holiday gift

Christmas home decor - XMAS Handmade ceramic houses

Christmas Tree Ornament, Holiday Decor, Ornament Tree Hanging

And what do you think? See something you like maybe? 

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost today.........Until next time.........Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

woensdag 13 september 2017

Fashion Set By Seadbeady 9

Hey my lovely readers....I am back.....Was in hospital for a few days cause I needed a knee prosthesis surgery. But no worries everything went well and I am up and running (more like a snail) again 😅

I don't know how the weather is where you're at, but over here in Belgium it feels like autumn already. So I thought I would give you some fashion inspiration for the coming fall.

Found some real affordable items on Rosegal for you ladies.

Rosegal was started by a group of friends that share a deep passion for stunning clothing and fashion. They offer Free Shipping Worldwide. Now tell me does that not sound interesting?

They have sections for Women, Plus Size, Men, Shoes and Bags, Accessories, Home, Hair, Beauty, Sale and even a Halloween section. So if you're still on the lookout for a cute Halloween costume go ahaid and browse their website.

Now here is what I found for you today 😊

Plus Size Maxi Asymmetric Funnel Collar Hoodie for 17 €

Asymmetrical Tunic Hoodie for 15 €

Black Owl Sequined Crossbody Bag for 26.16 €

Alloy Owl Feather Drop Earrings for 1.74 €

Those owls look so super cute I just couldn't resist putting them in this set. And I also love the fact that these hoodies have such an elegance to them. Don't you agree???

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Wish you a great day 😃

Renata (Seadbeady)

dinsdag 5 september 2017

Seadbeady's Finds on Etsy - Lampwork beads

If you could name one thing you would always be happy with to get as a small gift.......What would it be? Some people would have to think about that question. Others like me would have their answer ready in a second.

Maybe you could guess what mine would be? It's not that hard cause I use them almost every day. Yes them so it's almost always more than one. And some of you might also know that I am quite addicted to them. 😀

Beads off course in all kinds of sizes and shapes. I already have a nice collection in my closet.......but there is always room for more 😏

Have you ever heard of lampwork beads? They are beads made of melted glass that is formed by blowing and shaping with tools. They require a lot of technique and some are really works of art.

Today I chose some lovely beads from Etsy shops to show to you.

Lampwork Bead Pair - Shimmer in pink. Lampwork glass beads

Lampwork Beads Saltwater Blue per bead

Large Hole Tribal Beads, Bead Set, Lampwork Beads

Metallic lampwork beads - set of streaky yellow mirror finish glass beads

Four Glass Beads - Heart shaped beads in Grey - Handmade Lampwork

Sapphire blue lampwork beads, glass bells 10mm, handmade flowers

Bright Lampwork Beads, Crystal Lampwork Beads, Lampwork Bead Set

Green Glittery Flower Lampwork Bead

Small Core Artisan Bead SRA Lampwork Beads BHB

4 Blue Lampwork Glass Beads 8 x 12 mm Rondelle Glass Beads

They all look wonderful don't you agree? If I would ever win the lottery I think I would have to restrain myself from buying too much of these. Like a kid in a candy shop 😎

Hope you enjoyed my pics and my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a nice day

And by the way if you like my posts and want me to blabber a bit about a shop of yours for a bit of extra promotion - just let me know 😊

Renata (Seadbeady)

maandag 4 september 2017

Fashion Set By Seadbeady (8)

We might not all like it that much.......But it"s a fact that fall is not that far away

There are some things that I like about fall. Like the beautiful colors. I also love using fall color combinations in my jewelry. Take for instance this Bargello necklace made with seed beads and Crazy Lace Agate gemstone beads.

But I am not a fan of the storms and colder weather. Are you ???? I can't see myself ever going on a winter holiday to the snow. No way that is not for me 😝

I suppose that is probably because my zodiac sign is Leo. Don't you just love the sun? No 😟

But maybe it would not be a bad thing to be prepared for that next season coming up.
The fashion set I put together for you this time started from the lovely knit dress in grey that I combined with lovely dark blues.

Bell Sleeve Drop Shoulder Heathered Knit Tee Dress for 19 €

Blue Non-slip Lace Over Knee Socks for 8.38 €

Margherita Burgener Flowers Earrings in Titanium, SIlver and Pearls for 550 €

3CTTW Marquise Blue Sapphire S Ring by PeermontSize 5 for 13 €

Helen Kaminski Elora Slouchy Hat for 66 €

Pre-owned Knit scarf for 80 €

Nine West Pom Pom Bag Charm for 9.22 €

My own Bracelet from Seadbeady on Etsy with NY Skyline for 40 €

Well what do you think? I know the earrings are a bit expensive 😏
But it's a start.........Hope you enjoyed my fashion set this time.........Until next time

Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

zaterdag 2 september 2017

Seadbeady's Finds on Etsy - Socks

Don't you agree that people don't always talk about the little things. So today I wanted to start and make a change in that. I want to talk to you about socks 😏

Haha yes I know sounds a bit silly .....but they are important. And they can be so comfy and cosy especially on the somewhat colder days.

Imagine yourself in the evening on the sofa together with your beloved family ......when suddenly 😮 a draft. What do you do? You run to the bedroom to get a pair of comfy cosy socks. You see what I mean. And they have an advantage that's not to be neglected.......they absorbe the sweat 😁

The picture below is from the earliest known surviving pair of sock,excavated in Egypt. They date from 300-500. They had split toes so they could be used in sandals. I agree they look kinda funny.

By David Jackson, CC BY-SA 2.0 uk,

So let me show you some socks that I found on Etsy today 😄

Samson® Fox Hand Printed Socks Sublimation Animals

Tie Dye Socks Pack of 3 Bright Fun Unique Socks 

Banana socks, fun socks, fruit pattern socks, cozy socks, women socks

Arya Yoga Spats/ Yoga Leg Warmers/ Yoga Socks in Light Gray

Mens colorful dress socks | groomsmen sock | man sock

Romantic cozy socks. Pretty handmade woman socks

sock stitch markers - socks stitchmarkers - place holder notions

Harry Potter Socks Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw

If you can read this ..... Bring me a glass of wine ..... Novelty Socks

Babyshoes Lea, Baby booties

Ok that's enough blabbering for today.........Time to put my socks on haha. Ok let me know if you likes my picks.........Until next time.........Hope you enjoyed my post.........Have a great day 😊

Renata (Seadbeady)